VPN: Recommendations & Everything You Should Know

VPN or Virtual Private Network is considered as the holy grail of privacy, security, and anonymity on the internet, and is often recommended left and right by everyone; but is using a VPN the one size fits all solution to all the internet privacy and security issues. Let’s find out what a VPN is, how … Read more

Privacy, Security, and Anonymity by Compartmentalization

Compartmentalization is the key to taking back your online identity, protecting your online privacy, and keeping your private data safe, it is the single most effective and efficient way that you can use to keep your private stuff private, it gives you control over your personal data — It’s all about not putting all your … Read more

Device & Browser Fingerprinting: Explanations, Tests, & Solutions

Fingerprinting, more precisely known as browser fingerprinting and device fingerprinting, is basically a way by which websites and advertisers track you online. Every time you visit a web page, your browser sends information about its operating system, settings, IP address, and some other data about your device like screen resolution, date and time, etc. Your … Read more

Metadata Removal Tools

Metadata matters! Your metadata is just as important as the actual data, even a tiny sample of your metadata can provide exorbitant amount of intimate data about your personal life. People usually don’t care a whole lot about metadata in general, and those who collect or demand access to metadata like the government and corporations … Read more

Google Alternatives

Google makes some of the best software and services, and make them available for either free or at pretty competitive prices, but it all comes at the cost of your privacy, after all just like Facebook, it has a business model that’s built on surveillance.  In 2019, Google made over $162 billion in revenue. Just about … Read more

Operating Systems

Using all the privacy and security-oriented apps and services won’t help much if you are stuck using an operating system that spies on you. All the popular default operating systems, be it Windows 10, Android, iOS or macOS collect heaps of personal data. Apple, Google, and Microsoft are allegedly a part of PRISM. Their proprietary, … Read more

Social Networks

You probably shouldn’t be using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of the tens of other social media apps that you are using right now. Why? — well, i can go on and on about all the different kinds of privacy violations they have done. Or i could just recommend you to watch The Social Dilemma, … Read more

Encryption Tools

You should always use a secure and open source encryption software to encrypt your data in hard drives, emails, messages — don’t trust any company with your data, always encrypt your data. Encryption is not the same thing as password protection. Just because something is password protected doesn’t mean it’s encrypted. Most of the companies love … Read more

DNS Hosting Providers

This post is about Authoritative Name Servers. Learn More. Your Website or App’s DNS server or Authoritative Name Servers should be hosted with a DNS hosting provider that provides great speeds, is reasonably secure, and you should have some form of redundancy. As the DDoS or Distributed Denial of Services Attack become a more common … Read more

Encrypted DNS Resolvers

This post is about Resolving Name Servers. Learn More. Your DNS queries, which make the internet work for you are prone to security exploits like DNS hijacking, man-in-the-middle attacks, and pose privacy risks, as they are being monitored by your DNS provider. By default, your devices are configured to use the DNS resolver provided by … Read more