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How to UnHide any Private Hidden Files on Android?

There are many Android apps in the Google Play Store that helps you hide your photos, videos, music, apps, and other files. Now even some of Android Phones have this functionality built-in. However, you can easily find these “Hidden Files” if you want to by just using these methods.

How does Hiding Apps or Vaults Work?

Most of these Apps & Files Hiding apps don’t really hide your files but basically change the name of the file.

So for example, if you lets say hide an image named “My Picture.jpeg“. When you hide it using an app, they change the file to My_Picturejpeg instead of My Picture.jpeg and since there is no •(dot) extension. Your Gallery app won’t be able to recognize the image file and hence your image is hidden.

This is the case with all other file types. As you can see here your files aren’t hidden it’s just that your Gallery app or Media Player won’t be able to find it.

How to Find and UnHide the Hidden Files?

Once you understand how these File Hiding Apps work, It’s pretty easy to find & UnHide any Hidden Photos, Music, Videos & Other Files. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the File Manager
  • Go to the folder where the files are stored. Some Apps may store the files into a particular folder.
  • No, just change the file names with a •(dot) extension. For Example, My_Picturejpeg to My_Picture.jpeg

Once you have changed the file names with proper extensions, all the files will be visible & hence UnHidden.

Note: Make Sure you use the correct extension: .mp3 for audio, .MP4 for video, .jpg or .png for pictures, .apk for apps, .pdf for PDF files and so on.

These extensions will usually be the part of filename so you don’t have to type anything just put the •(dot) between the filename & extension. For Example, Put a •(dot) between examplemp3 to make it example.mp3

How to UnHide any Private Hidden Files on Android?

There you have it. You can now easily unhide any Hidden Files on your phone without any App for free. If you really want to keep your files secure you should consider using an AppLock for Android.

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