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How To Tell if Someone Else is Logging in to your Gmail

E-mail is an important part of our lives. Email has become such an integral part of our lives, just like our phones, that we do almost everything through it. This makes any violation of email security very dangerous.

Whether you’re using email for Work, fun, photo sharing or video sharing or anything completely different, you need to keep it safe. Here’s how to say if someone else logs into your Gmail account.

Find if Someone Else is logging in to your Gmail

There is a very simple and easy way to see just who, when and from where, has signed into your Gmail account. It’s built into Gmail and can be found on although initially hard to find.

Here’s how to find it:

  • Open your Gmail account in a Desktop Web Browser.
  • Go to the Bottom of the Page.
  • In the bottom right, there would be “Last account activity: X hours ago“
  • Click on Details next to Last account Activity
  • This will open a popup ” Activity on this account

The Details link should open a popup window listing the last 10 times your Gmail account was accesses to your Gmail account.

Here, You will have access type which tells what kind of browser, device, or mail server (like POP or IMAP) used. There will be the location & IP Address as well as the Date/Time when it was accessed. The location isn’t accurate to the exact position but it will tell you which state & country it was used in.

Note: You may find some weird locations on that login history page. This may be because you may be using a VPN or Proxy to access your Google Account.

If you find that someone else is accessing your Gmail, do this right away:

  • Click on Sign Out of All Other Gmail Web Sessions button.

That’s all, you can now look if Someone else is logged into your Gmail account. Do keep in mind that Google doesn’t show you the entire list of your login history but only last few of them & your current one.

Other signs someone may be logging in to your Gmail

There are a few other ways to see if someone logged on to your Gmail account. If someone just reads your mails or searches on your Google Drive, this may not leave any trace apart from the session data that you’ve seen above.

But there are other signs of Finding if Someone is accessing your Gmail Account:

  • Notification on Your Phone saying You Logged into your Gmail.
  • Disappearing Emails from Inbox.
  • Emails marked as Read that you don’t remember opening
  • Emails Sent that you didn’t Sent.
  • People in Your Contact List that you have not added.

Google also sends an Email to Your Gmail account everytime you log in to a New Device.

Secure your Gmail account Now

If you see strange activity or think someone else is accessing your Gmail account, then you can take steps to secure it. It makes sense to keep it as private as possible given the volume and accessibility of the average person’s inbox.

And since Gmail login also enables access to Google Drive, Docs and other web apps from Google, it pays to keep that login secure.Gmail offers a few tools to help keep your emails safe.

Set up 2-Step Verification on Gmail

2-Step Verification enables you to enforce two-factor authentication (2FA) for all logins and significantly enhances security as Now you don’t just need something you know (Password) but also something you have (Device/Code).

If you don’t use 2FA on your email, or any account online where it’s available, you should do it today. Here’s How to set up 2-Step Verification on Gmail:

  • This will take you to 2-Step Verification Setup Page. Click on Get Started in the bottom.

It will ask you to enter your Password, You will be asked to enter your Phone Number if you haven’t already. From now on, you will receive an SMS code every time you log in to Gmail. It takes a few seconds to sign in, but it’s a very easy way to secure your email account.

Find & Remove Devices & Apps you are signed in with Google

While you are here, You should also check and Remove unwanted apps from you Gmail Account.

If you want to see all the devices & third party apps you are signed in, check out this post where I have explained how you can find all the devices & apps that have access to your Google account and how you can remove them.

Depending on how and how often you’re using Gmail, there may be apps you gave access to a while ago. These apps may still have access to your Gmail, Photos & Google Drive. You Should check the link below to Remove these apps – Find & Remove Devices & Apps you are signed in with Google.

With that being said, You have successfully checked all the devices, apps & websites that have access to your Google account. You can remove access to those apps & devices as well as find your lost device.

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