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How to Book a Plane Ticket using Google Flights

Google Flights is a new service offered by Google that lets anyone look up flight prices easily. You can see all of the airlines between the Source & destination along with their prices. You can quickly modify the search by picking a specific departure and arrival date.

Google Flights let you modify your search by the number of passengers that will be flying; picking up from First Class, Economy, Premium Economy or Business. You also get to view all flights within your flexible time frame.

How to access Google Flights

You can access Google Flights by visiting the website: or by just googling Flights between your source & destination places. For example, Just type in “flights from SF to NYC” & you will be served with Google Flights results on the top of the page. After that just tap on “Search Flights” on the bottom.

How to use Filters on Google Flights

Google Flights gives you a lot of filtering options so that you can find the flight that fits your needs. Here are the options you can filter from on Google Flights:

  • Bags – It shows flight prices that include the cost of checked bags or carry-on bags.
  • Stops – You can choose the no. of Stops you want in between your flight.
  • Airlines – You can filter your search result to find flights for select airlines.
  • Price – You can use this filter to find plane tickets below a certain price.
  • Times – This lets you filter the plane tickets by outbound and/or return flight times.
  • Connecting airports: You can use this feature to remove any airport where you don’t want to have a flight layover.
  • More – This is where you can choose the total flight duration & the option to show Separate tickets to get an overall cheaper price.

How to Buy the Plane Ticket From Google Flights

Once you are on Google Flights & have made all the filtering to find the flight that suits your need, you can book it easily. Here’s how to do it:

  • Click on the flight option you have chosen
  • This will show you all the different information like layovers, average legroom, Wi-Fi availability, In-seat power & USB outlets, etc.
  • Click on “Select Flight” button next to the Price
  • Choose the Fare Option & Review your flight information from the Trip Summary page then click on “Select” on bottom
  • You will be redirected to the Flight Summary page of the airline you have chosen.

Extra Features of Google Flights

Google Flights has a lot of extra features like the Option to Track Prices that Monitors the lowest price for the trip, and send you price alerts and travel tips by email.

You can also search for Hotels from the left side options menu. There’s an Explore section too that feature “Things to do” in the city you are visiting. It has a lot of articles & videos that will surely help any tourist or a new person to the city.

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